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My services allow managers to focus on managing, developers to focus on software, support to focus on delivery, and sales to trust the information 100%. Hire a tech writer..


The docs artifacts that mark the path of development within an organization when done right facilitate clear understanding of roles, responsibilities and tasks. Rushed and poorly-executed docs result in confusion, internal conflicts and loss of trust with partners and customers.

My priority is well-done docs, the audiences that need the information, and gaps analysis. So allow your engineers and managers to focus on delivering to stakeholders.
I'll be busy writing how-to's, evaluating solutions and processes, cataloguing terms and definitions, creating system diagrams, specs and manuals, producing videos and tutorials, and asking questions.


Make no mistake, it is very important to be understood


Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 11.34.21.png

My first tools as a tech writer were fingertip moisteners for turning pages and microfiche as the storage medium. The task was to flip through massive cockpit instrumentation manuals for Honeywell Air Transport, analyze for irregularities, note dog-eared corners, missing page-numbers and the like. My thought at the time was "Who possibly could write or read a 1000+ page manual?" The answer was me; I was reading these massive, superlatively complex manuals...

A lot has changed since then, especially the tools moving from Word and Framemaker, on to out-of-the-box solutions and now Git-based, CI/CD, pipelines and DevOps integrations.


My focus or specialty is the service experience, be it end-user, developer or service-centric. The result is a robust API, well-written and structured docs, smooth support and higher customer satisfaction.

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